Sabta, Sabtah

SABTA, SABTAH (săb'ta, Heb. savtā’, savtâh). The third son of Cush (Gen.10.7; 1Chr.1.9). There was probably a place named Sabta in South Arabia, but its exact location is uncertain.

SABTA, SABTAH săb’ tə (סַבְתְּכָ֑א, סַבְתָּ֥ה). The third son of Cush named in the genealogical list of Genesis 10:7 (Sabtah) and 1 Chronicles 1:9 (Sabta), and the name of a place in Arabia, prob. on or near the E coast. Several locations have been suggested, but it has not been identified with any certainty. The Cushites were believed to have extended across the Red Sea from Nubia northeastward over the Arabian peninsula.