Rufus Matthew Jones

1863-1948. Quaker scholar and professor. Born in South China, he was educated at Haverford College, Harvard, and in continental universities. Having taught in Friends schools and been principal of Oak Grove Seminary (1889- 1893), he returned to Haverford to lecture in philosophy. A birthright Quaker, at twenty-four he had a mystical experience which reshaped his life entirely. By mysticism he meant a kind of Pauline experience and understanding of Christianity. Philosophy and theology were his life, together with a conspicuous concern for others. To Kant's philosophy of ethics he became increasingly indebted. Considered a prophet of Quakerism and hailed as a saint, he was as prominent in Britain as in America, and lectured more widely still. He helped to found the American Friends Service Committee (1917) and served as its chairman for over twenty years. He wrote over fifty books and hundreds of articles, most of which concerned mystical experience and action.