RUDDY. The rendering of various forms of אָדֵם, H131, “to be red.” The dark-skinned Israelites regarded a ruddy complexion as a mark of beauty. In some OT passages, as in Genesis 25:25, the reference may be to red hair.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’adhmoni (1Sa 16:12; 17:42; Ge 25:25 the Revised Version margin), ’adhom (So 5:10); verbs ’adham (La 4:7), and eruthriao, "to blush" (Ad Es 15:5)): "Ruddy" is the form taken by the adjective "red" when used as a term of praise of the human skin, and this is its use in the Bible (the Hebrew and Greek words are all usual words for "red" or "to be red"). The dark-skinned Hebrews found great beauty in a clear complexion.