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Rogier Van Der Weyden

1399-1464. Flemish painter. He was among the first to use oil paint, capitalizing upon its rich, brilliant color and shaded hues potential to give traditional biblical topics the appearance of veritable, three- dimensional reality and ordinary life settings simultaneously the luster of heightened, sanctified meanings. Rogier used less gold and worked with shadows on people's faces, complex folds in their robes, detailed attention to postural nuances, all of which focused sculpturally on the grief and sadness or interior emotions felt by the personages in the paintings. Rogier tuned the exacting, atmospherically real depiction of things pioneered by the van Eyck* brothers on a cosmic scale down to a disclosure, very warmly done, of human sensitivities. This double emphasis-oil detail and emotional intensity-of the Flemish master practically set the standard for painting on both sides of the Alps during the last half of the fifteenth century.