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Rodney Smith

“Gipsy”) (1860-1947. English evangelist. Born in a tent near Epping Forest, he was the son of gipsies who traveled in East Anglia. He was greatly affected by his mother's death from smallpox. Soon after, his father was converted and began to hold services. Rodney was himself converted in 1876 in Cambridge, and in 1877 joined William Booth* in his “Christian Mission,” serving as a captain in the Salvation Army until 1882. In 1889 he went to America on an evangelistic tour, after which he joined the Manchester Wesleyan Mission. Following a world preaching tour (1897-1912) he was missioner for the National Free Church Council. He served with the YMCA during World War I, and George VI made him a member of the Order of the British Empire. His preaching was characterized by “the wooing note” and constantly revealed his love of nature and the Bible. He sang simple gospel solos.