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Robert of Molesme

c.1027-1111. Abbot of Molesme in Burgundy. Of noble birth, he entered the abbey of Moutier-la- Celle when fifteen years old, and later became prior. He spent a brief period at St.-Michel-de-Tonnerre, but here, as at his first abbey, he was unable to promote the observance of a stricter interpretation of the Benedictine Rule. In response to the call of some hermits living in the forest of Colan he was able to join them in founding a monastery at Molesme on strict principles. This establishment flourished, but after some disagreements Robert and some monks left to found a new monastery at Cîteaux (of which Bernard of Clairvaux was to be a member in 1113). Robert, however, agreed to return to Molesme, which under his long rule became a famous Benedictine house.