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Robert Estienne

“Stephanus”) (1503-1559. Scholar- printer. He was appointed in 1539 as printer in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew to Francis I. Becoming a Protestant, he provoked severe attacks from the Sorbonne because of his Bible annotations. In 1551 he fled to Geneva, embracing the Reformed faith. In his Latin Bibles (1527-28, 1532, 1540) he followed as closely as possible the text of Jerome. He produced editions of the Hebrew OT (1539, 1544-46). As royal printer he published first printed editions of Eusebius (1544), Alexander of Tralles (1548), Justin Martyr (1551), and others. In 1544 he began to print Greek and, helped by his son Henri, published the NT in two tiny volumes (1546). The text was taken chiefly from the fifth edition of Erasmus (1535), although the Alcalá edition of Ximenez was also used. His large edition (1550) was the first to contain a critical apparatus, which is in general the source of the Textus Receptus. He was responsible also for the verse division of the NT, first printed in his fourth edition in Geneva in 1551. According to Henri, he did most of the work on a horseback journey between Paris and Lyons. Estienne subsequently published several of Calvin's works.

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