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Rimmon Perez

RIMMON PEREZ (rĭm'ŏn pĕ'rĕz, Parez in kjv). This was the fourth camp of Israel after Sinai (Num.33.16-Num.33.19). Rimmon was a common place-name, due to the abundance of pomegranates (Heb. for Rimmon) in the Near East then. Perez (“cleft”) was no doubt a valley into which entrance was made between cliffs.

RIMMON-PEREZ rĭm’ ən pĭr’ iz (רִמֹּ֥ן פָּֽרֶץ, rimmōn pereṩ). One of the stopping places of the Israelites in their wilderness journeys between Rithmah and Libnah (Num 33:19, 20; KJV Rimmon-parez). It may be modern Naqb el-Biyar, W of ’Aqaba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A desert camp of the Israelites (Nu 33:19 f), unidentified. Gesenius translates rimmon as "pomegranate," the place deriving its name from the abundance of pomegranates. But Conder derives it from ramam, "to be high," and translates it "cloven height."

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