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REUEL (rū'ĕl, Heb. re‘û’ēl, God is friend)

2. A priest of Midian who gave his daughter, Zipporah, as a wife to Moses (Exod 2:16-22). Like many in the ancient Near E he had double names, Reuel/Jethro (cf. Exod 4:18-20). (On double names see K. A. Kitchen, Ancient Orient and Old Testament [1966], 123.) He was also the father of Hobab, a Kenite and brother-in-law of Moses (Num 10:29; Judg 4:11; tr. Raguel in KJV in Num 10:29).

3. The father of Eliasaph, the captain of the host of God at the time of the census in Sinai (Num 2:14). The parallel passages in the MT (Num 1:14; 7:42, 47; 10:20) give Deuel, a common scribal error confusing “D” and “R,” but the LXX reads Reuel in all these passages.

4. A Benjaminite whose name occurs in the list of the inhabitants of Jerusalem before the captivity (1 Chron 9:8).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(re`u’el, "God is his friend"; the Septuagint Rhagouel):

(2) The father of Eliasaph, the prince of Gad (Nu 2:14), called (by some copyist’s mistake) "Deuel" in Nu 1:14; 7:42,47; 10:20. The Septuagint has uniformly Rhagouel.

(3) A Benjamite (1Ch 9:8). Horace J. Wolf