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REUBENITES (rū'bĕn-īts). Descendants of Reuben, son of Jacob. When Moses took the census in Midian, Reuben numbered 43,730 men of military age (Num.26.1-Num.26.7). They were joint possessors of Gilead and Bashan (Deut.3.12; Deut.29.8), and were praised by Moses for their fidelity (Josh.22.1-Josh.22.6). They supported David against the Philistines (1Chr.11.42; 1Chr.12.37). Tiglath-Pileser took them into the Assyrian captivity

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Members of the tribe of Reuben (Nu 26:7, etc.). Adina, one of David’s mighty men, was a Reubenite (1Ch 11:42).