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REU (rē'ū, Heb. re‘û, friendship). The son of Peleg and a fifth-generation son of Shem (Gen.11.10-Gen.11.19). In the KJV Peleg is called Phalec in Luke.3.35, and Reu is called Ragau.

REU rōō, re’ u (רְעֽוּ, friend, companion). A son of Peleg, and the father of Serug. He was a descendant of Shem (Gen 11:18-21; 1 Chron 1:25; Luke 3:35).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

re’-u, roo (re`u, Rhagau): A son of Peleg, a descendant of Shem (Ge 11:18 ff; 1Ch 1:25; Lu 3:35).