REPHAIAH (rē-fā'ya, Heb. rephayah, Jehovah heals)

Descendant of David (1Chr.3.21, “Rhesa” of Luke.3.27).A son of Ishi. He helped defeat the Amalekites (1Chr.4.42-1Chr.4.43).A grandson of Issachar and head of a clan (1Chr.7.2).A descendant of Jonathan (1Chr.9.40-1Chr.9.43).Son of Hur, a builder (Neh.3.9).

REPHAIAH rĭ fā’ yə (רְפָיָה); for forms in LXX see below; according to T. Nöldeke, followed by BDB and KB it derives from the root rəphə’ to heal and the theophoric element Yah (Beiträge zur semitischen Sprachwissenschaft [1904], 100); thus Yah heals. 1. A descendant of David, whose descent or connection with Zerubbabel is not clear (1 Chron 3:21; LXX ̔Ραφὰλ, LXX Alexandrinus and LXX Lucian ̔Ραφαια). According to J. M. Myers he is a descendant of Jehoiachin through Pedaiah, Zerubbabel, and Hananiah (The Anchor Bible: 1 Chronicles [1965], 22).

2. A Simeonite, one of the four sons of Ishi, who led five hundred Simeonites to Mount Seir (1 Chron 4:42, LXX ̔Ραφαΐα[ς]). Because of overpopulation and the need for pasture and flocks these Simeonites expanded in two directions: westward toward Gerar and eastward where they displaced the Amalekite element residing among the Edomites since their dispersal in the time of Saul (1 Sam 15:7f.) and David (1 Sam 30:18).

3. A member of the tribe of Issachar, a son of Tola and a mighty warrior (1 Chron 7:2, LXX ̔Ραφαΐα).

4. A descendant of King Saul and Jonathan (1 Chron 9:43, LXX ̔Ραφαΐα, LXX Lucian ̓Αραχα). In the synoptic passage (1 Chron 8:37) he is named Raphah. Keil considered the longer form original.

5. One of those who helped to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah (Neh 3:9; LXX ̔Ραφαΐα[ς]). He was chief of half of the district of Jerusalem. The Judean province of the Pers. period was divided into five districts: Keilah, Beth-zur, Beth-haccerem, Jerusalem, Mizpah (Y. Aharoni, The Land of the Bible [1967], 364).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

re-fa’-ya, re-fi’-a (rephayah, probably "Yah is healing"; Septuagint Rhaphaia(s)) :

(1) In David’s family, Septuagint also Rhaphal (1Ch 3:21).

(2) A captain of Simeon (1Ch 4:42).

(3) A grandson of Issachar, Septuagint also Rhaphara (1Ch 7:2).

(4) A descendant of Saul (1Ch 9:43; in 1Ch 8:37 called "Raphah" (raphah); Septuagint also Raphai).

(5) One of the repairers of the wall under Nehemiah (Ne 3:9).