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REPHAEL (rē'fā-ĕl, Heb. rephā’ēl, God heals). A son of Shamaiah. He served as a tabernacle gatekeeper (1Chr.26.7-1Chr.26.12).

REPHAEL rĕf’ ĭ əl (רְפָאֵ֨ל). The eponym of a family of gatekeepers in the Temple at Jerusalem (1 Chron 26:7). He was the son of Shemaiah, and seems to have been set apart for service by David.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

re’-fa-el, ref’-a-el (repha’el, "God has healed"; Rhaphael): The eponym of a family of gatekeepers (1Ch 26:7). The name occurs in Tobit and Enoch ("Raphael"); it probably belongs to a group of late formations. See Gray, HPN, 225, 311.