REMALIAH (rĕm'a-lī'a, Heb. remalyāhû, Jehovah adorns). The father of King Pekah (2Kgs.15.25).

REMALIAH rĕm’ ə lī’ ə (רְמַלְיָ֜הוּ). The father of Pekah, one of the last kings of Israel. He secured the throne by murdering his predecessor, Pekahiah (2 Kings 15:25).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The father of Pekah (2Ki 15:25 ff; Isa 7:4 ff; 8:6). The contemptuous allusion to Pekah as "the son of Remaliah" in Isa 7:4 (similarly "the son of Kish," 1Sa 10:11) may be a slur on Remaliah’s humble origin.