REGEM-MELECH (rēg'ĕm mĕlĕk, Heb. reghem melekh). One of a delegation sent to inquire of Zechariah concerning the propriety of the act of fasting (Zech.7.2).

REGEM-MELECH re’ gəm mĕl’ ĭk (רֶ֥גֶם מֶ֖לֶכְ). A member of a delegation sent by the people of Bethel to the Temple priests to inquire regarding the propriety of continuing to fast in commemoration of the destruction of the Temple (Zech 7:2). There is uncertainty as to whether a personal name or the title, “friend of the king,” is intended. The meaning may be “the people of Bethel had sent Sharezer, the friend of the king.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

re’-gem-me’-lek, re’-gem-mel’-ek (reghem melekh): One of a deputation sent to inquire concerning the propriety of continuing the commemoration of the destruction of the temple by holding a fast (Zec 7:2). The text of the passage is in disorder. The name may mean "friend of the king"; hence, some have sought to remove the difficulty by interpreting reghem melekh as a title, not a personal name, reading the clause, "They of Beth-el had sent SHAREZER (q.v. (2)), the friend of the king."