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RAZOR, RASOR (rā'zêr, Heb. ta’ar, môrâh). The earliest razors were made of flint. Later they were made of bronze and finally of steel. Joseph is said to have shaved himself before he was liberated from prison to stand before Pharaoh (Gen.41.14). This was no doubt in deference to Egyptian custom, as the priests of Egypt shaved daily. The cutting of the beard by a priest of Israel was forbidden, presumably because of its affinity to pagan practices (Lev.21.5). The Nazirite was likewise forbidden the use of a razor as long as his vows were valid (Num.6.5).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(ta`ar, "knife" (Nu 6:5; Ps 52:2; Isa 7:20; Eze 5:1), morah, "razor" (Jud 13:5; 16:17; 1Sa 1:11)).

See Barber; Hair.

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