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c.890-974. Bishop and polemicist. Born in Liège of a noble family, his career was filled with polemics. He served sporadically as bishop of Verona (three terms between 931 and 968) and of Liège (953-955). His first stay in Verona ended with imprisonment in Como, from which he escaped in 939; he returned to Lobbes in 944 and to Italy in 946, but became a prisoner of Berengarius until he regained his see in 946. Forced to flee again in 948, he unsuccessfully joined forces with Ludolph of Saxony to reclaim his position. He taught briefly at the cathedral school in Cologne before he was named bishop of Liège. Forced to Lobbes from Verona in 968, he had to retire to the monastery in Aulne, Flanders, where he died.