RAMOTH (rāmoth, Heb. rāmôth, height)

One of the cities of refuge in the tribe of Gad, elsewhere called Ramoth Gilead (Josh.20.8; Josh.21.38). It formed one of the administrative districts of Solomon, over which Ben Geber was stationed (1Kgs.4.13). It is perhaps best known as the scene of the last battle of King Ahab. It is identified as Tell Ramith in north Jordan (1Kgs.22.1-1Kgs.22.37).Ramoth Negev. See Ramah, no. 5.An Israelite who after the Exile divorced his Gentile wife at the urging of Ezra (Ezra.10.29 kjv; niv “Jeremoth”).

RAMOTH rā’ mŏth (רָאמֹ֤ת, רָמֹ֥ת, for forms in LXX see below; meaning heights). 1. According to Qere an Israelite, of the sons of Bani, who divorced his Gentile wife after the captivity (Ezra 10:29; LXX Ρημωθ). But Kethib reads Jeremoth.

2. A city of the tribe of Gad in Gilead (Deut 4:43, LXX Ραμωθ; Josh 20:8; 21:38; 1 Chron 6:80 [Heb. 1 Chron 6:65]). See Ramothgilead.

3. A city in the Negev to which David sent gifts after his devastating attack upon the camp of the Amalekites (1 Sam 30:27, LXX Ραμα).

4. A Levitical city for Gershom in the territory of Issachar (1 Chron 6:73; LXX ̔Ραμὼθ). It is doubtless the same as Jarmuth (Josh 21:29) because it occupies the same position in the list of Levitical cities and there are many other discrepancies between the two rosters (cf. Y. Aharoni, The Land of the Bible [1967], 105). Moreover, it is prob. the same as Remeth (Josh 19:21). A stele of Seti I (1309-1290) states the ’apiru from Mount Yarmuta had attacked the Asiatics (ANET, 255). Mount Yarmuta is doubtless to be associated with Jarmuth-Remeth-Ramoth of Issachar; i.e. in the elevated region NW of Beth-shean. Thus the form Yarmuth is more original than Ramoth. W. F. Albright suggested as the site Kokab el-Hawa, the Crusading Belvoir, located seven m. N of Beth-sheanon a plateau 999 ft. above sea level in a region of springs (“The Topography of the Tribe of Issachar,” ZAW, XLIV [1926], 231).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) ra’moth; he Rhamoth: A city in the territory of Issachar assigned to the Gershonite Levitea (1Ch 6:73), mentioned between Daberath and Anem. It seems to correspond to "Remeth" in Jos 19:21, and to "Jarmuth" in 21:29, and is possibly identical with er-Rameh about 11 miles Southwest of Jenin.

(2) Ramoth of the South.

See Ramah, (5).

(3) Ramoth in Gilead.

See Ramoth-gilead.

(ramoth, Qere for yeremoth (Ezr 10:29 the King James Version); the Revised Version margin Kethibh makes the name similar to those in Ezr 10:26,27): One of the offenders in the matter of foreign marriages. The English Revised Version and the American Standard Revised Version, adopting Kethibh, read JEREMOTH (which see).

(Job 28:18 King James Version margin).

See Precious Stones.