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RAKKON (răk'ŏn, Heb. raqqōn ). One of the cities in the inheritance of Dan (Josh.19.46). Thought to be about fifteen miles (twenty-five km.) north of Joppa.

RAKKON răk’ ŏn (הָֽרַקֹּ֑ון with the definite article; LXX Ιαρακων; BDB related it to root meaning “to spit,” but more prob. it is related to root meaning “to be thin”; thus the shore (?) or the narrow place (?).

One of the cities in the inheritance of Dan, presumably on or near the Nahr el-’Auja (River Jarkon) c. fifteen m. N of Joppa and near the Mediterranean according to the context (Josh 19:46). Conder suggested Tell er-Reqqeit, six m. N of Joppa. Since the LXX omits it some suggested it is a doublet with Me-jarkon. The forms are sufficiently different, however, to render this suggestion improbable; more prob. the LXX was corrupted by homoeoteleuton—the omission of an intervening passage because the copyist’s eye skipped from one ending to a second similar ending. (See Me-jarkon.)

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(ha-raqqon; Hierakon).


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