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Race (sport)

This article is about the athletic event. For the biological and sociological senses of the term, see Race.

RACE (Heb. ōrah, mērôts, Gr. agōn, stadion, most frequently, a foot race). The clearest uses of these words are in 1Cor.9.24; 2Tim.4.7; and Heb.12.1. Other passages may well allude to it (Rom.9.16; Gal.5.7; Phil.2.16). The Greek race was one of a series of highly competitive games. It consisted of:

  • the goal, a square pillar opposite the entrance to the course, marking the end of the track

  • the herald, whose duty it was to announce the name and the country of each competitor, as well as the name and family of the victor

  • the prize, the crown or wreath that was awarded the winner (cf. 1Cor.9.25; 2Tim.2.5)

  • the judges (2Tim.4.8). The Lord is viewed as the righteous Judge who bestows the wreath on those who have truly run well.
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