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c.350-435. Syrian theologian. Born near Aleppo of a Christian mother, he entered the civil service and became a prefect. He was converted about 400 and became a monk. In 411 he was elected bishop of Edessa and devoted himself to church reform, strongly opposing Jewish, pagan, and Gnostic influences in Syria. He supported Cyril* of Alexandria at the Council of Ephesus* in 431, and attacked Nestorianism,* especially the writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia.* Many scholars hold that he made the Peshitta version of the Syriac NT, issuing it to supersede the unorthodox Tatian's Diatessaron.* He translated Cyril's De Recto Fide into Syriac. He is credited with having written some of the hymns in the Jacobite liturgy.