RABBITH (răb'ĭth, Heb. hārabbîth). A town in the tribe of Issachar (Josh.19.20). Identified by Knobel as Arabonheh at the southern tip of Mount Gilboa, and by Conder as Rama, eight miles (thirteen km.) south of Gilboa.

RABBITH răb’ ĭth (רַבִּ֥ית). A border town of Issachar (Josh 19:20). “Rabbith” should prob. be “Daberath,” a Levitical town in Issachar (Josh 21:28; 1 Chron 6:72); LXX B has “Daberoth” in place of “Rabbith” in Joshua 19:20.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the territory of Issachar (Jos 19:20) which is probably represented today by Raba, a village in the southern part of the Gilboa range and North of Ibzaq. The "ha" is, of course, the definite article.