RAAMIAH (rā'a-mī'a, Heb. ra’amyâh, Jehovah has thundered). One of the companions of Zerubbabel who returned with him to Jerusalem from captivity (Neh.7.7); called Reelaiah by Ezra (Ezra.2.2). The text may be corrupt at this point.

RAAMIAH rā’ ə mī’ ə (רַֽעַמְיָ֨ה). One of the twelve Israelite chiefs who returned from the Babylonian exile with Zerubbabel (Neh 7:7); called Reelaiah in Ezra 2:2, and Resaiah in 1 Esdras 5:8 (KJV REESAIAS, ASV RESAIAS).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the leading men who returned with Zerubbabel from captivity (Ne 7:7). In the corresponding passage in Ezr 2:2, where the same list is named, a slight variation in form is given. "Reelaiah" is the name found in this passage. Doubtless, one is a corruption of the other. Both have the same root meaning.s generally been identified with Regina, mentioned by Ptolemy and Steph. Byzantr. as a city in Southeastern Arabia on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The Septuagint (Rhegma) itself supposes this site. But the Arabic name of the city here indicated is spelled with a "g" and so gives rise to a phonological difficulty. A more probable identification has been found in the Sabean ra`mah in Southwestern Arabia near Me`in in the north of Marib. Me`in was the capital of the old Minaean kingdom.