Quintus Memmius

MEMMIUS, QUINTUS kwĭn’ təs mĕm’ ĭ əs (Κοίντος Μέμμιος). A Rom. envoy who, with Titus Manius, bore a letter to the Jews after defeating Lysias in battle in 164 b.c. and offered to negotiate in their behalf with Antiochus Epiphanes in Antioch (2 Macc 11:34). Neither of the men is otherwise known to history.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

mem’-i-us, kwin’-tus (Kointos Memmios): One of the 2 Roman legates who bore a letter to the Jews after their victory over Lysias 163 BC (2 Macc 11:34). No Quintus Memmius is otherwise known to history, and no Memmius among the list of legates sent to Asia. Polybius (xxxi.18) mentions a Quintus and a Canuleius as sent to Egypt, 162 BC, and again (xxxiii.15) the same Quintus as sent as an ambassador to Rhodes, 153 BC. A Titus Memmius had been an envoy of the senate to Achaia and Macedonia before the date of this letter (Livy xliii.5). None of these is likely to be the one referred to in 2 Macc 11:34, and it is possible that no such person was sent with the letter, which is spurious.

See Manius.