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PULSE (זֵּרֹעִ֛ים, זֵרְעֹנִֽים). Daniel and his companions refused to defile themselves with the rich food and wine of the king and asked for “pulse” (Dan 1:12, 16 KJV and ASV), or “vegetables” (RSV). The Heb. word means herbs or vegetables grown from seeds, not necessarily leguminous grains. 2 Samuel 17:28 (ASV) has “parched pulse”; the KJV has “parched corn”; whereas the RSV has, more correctly, “parched grain.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(zero’-im (Da 1:12 margin, "herbs"), zere’onim (Da 1:16); compare zerua`, "sowing seed" (Le 11:37), and zeru’im, "things sown" (Isa 61:11)):

(1) In Da 1:12,16, it must mean herbs or vegetables grown from seeds; a vegetable diet is what is implied.

(2) In 2Sa 17:28, "pulse" after "parched" is not in the original, but is probably more correct than the translation in (1), as "pulse" usually implies leguminous plants, peas, beans, etc.