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PUL (pŭl, pūl)

A king of Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser III, who invaded Israel in the days of Menahem and was bribed to depart (2Kgs.15.19), though he carried off captives (1Chr.5.26).A tribe or place in Africa, named between Tarshish and Lud (Isa.66.19 kjv), some Septuagint manuscripts read Put (Libyans, so niv). See also Put.

PUL pŏŏl (פ֤וּל). 1. A name of the Assyrian king Tiglath-pileser III (745-727 b.c.). It may be that Pul was his original name, and that when he ascended the throne he assumed the name Tiglath-pileser, which had been borne by a great king of the past. He is mentioned in 2 Kings 15:19 and 1 Chronicles 5:26.

2. An African country and people (Isa 66:19, KJV, RSVmg., ASV). It is prob. an error for Put (so RSV).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) An Assyrian king (2Ki 15:19).

See Tiglath-pileser.

(2) An African country and people (Isa 66:19).

See Put.