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galindo) (d.861. Bishop of Troyes. He left his native Spain as a youth, probably due to the Saracen persecution, and went to the Frankish Empire, changing his name, Galindo, to Prudentius. Educated at the Palatine School, he was chaplain at the court of Louis the Pious before becoming bishop of Troyes about 845. He supported the Augustinian position in the controversy on predestination between Hincmar* and Gottschalk,* opposing the former first in an epistle and then in De Praedestinatione contra Johannem Scotum (852), clearly denying the general salvation of all men. At the Synod of Quiercy* (853), however, he apparently subscribed to the four anti-Augustinian propositions, either out of reverence for Hincmar or fear of Charles the Bald-only to negate that with Epistola tractoria (c.856), addressed to Venilo, archbishop of Sens, upholding his former Augustinian position even more strictly. He continued the Annales Bertiniani for the years 835-61, valuable for Frankish history, and wrote Vita Sanctae Maurae Virginis.