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PROCORUS, PROCHORUS (prŏk'ō-rŭs). The third in the list of the first deacons (Acts.6.5) who were elected to take care of the Greek-speaking widows and probably the Christians living in poverty in Jerusalem.

PROCHORUS. Prochorus is mentioned only once in the New Testament (Acts 6:5) where he is named as one of the seven who were to minister with their hands, thus freeing the apostles to preach. Because Prochorus is a Greek name, it may be conjectured that he was a Hellenistic Jew who had taken up more or less permanent residence in Jerusalem. As such, he would be a sympathetic arbiter in the dispute that had arisen between the Greek and Hebrew-speaking Christians. He is described as being “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom” (Acts 6:3).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Prochoros) : One of "the seven" chosen by the Christian community in Jerusalem to superintend the dispensing of charity to the widows and other poor (Ac 6:5). The name is Greek, and he may have been a Hellenist. According to tradition he became bishop of Nicomedia and died a martyr at Antioch.

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