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Priscilla, Prisca

PRISCILLA, PRISCA (prĭ-sĭl'a, prĭs'ka, Gr. Priskilla, Priska). Priscilla (diminutive of Prisca, Rom 16:3, see niv footnote) was the wife of the Jewish Christian, Aquila, with whom she is always mentioned in the NT. They were tentmakers who seem to have migrated about the Mediterranean world, teaching the gospel wherever they went. Paul met them in Corinth (Acts.18.2); they instructed Apollos in Ephesus (Acts.18.24-Acts.18.26); Paul sent them greetings in Rome (Rom.16.3); and in 1Cor.16.19 Paul spoke of their being in Ephesus again, where they had a church in their house. In Rom.16.3-Rom.16.4 Paul lauded not only their service but also their courage (“they risked their lives for me”), and plainly stated that all the churches owed them a debt of gratitude. From all the scriptural references one may easily see that Priscilla was a well-known and effective worker in the early church.——ER

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