טֶ֫רֶף, H3272, is tr. “prey of wild beasts,” or “torn thing” (Gen 49:9; Num 23:24; Job 4:11, etc.).

שָׁלָל, H8965, is used with the concept “booty” or “spoil” (Judg 5:30; 8:24, 25; Isa 10:2, etc.).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In the Revised Version (British and American) shalal is generally translated "spoil" (Jud 5:30; 8:24,25; Isa 10:2, etc.), while, conversely, "prey" (noun and verb) is occasionally substituted for "spoil," "booty" (Nu 31:32, ere).

See Booty; Spoil.