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POST. The word “post” is used in the KJV to tr. several Heb. words that refer to a door, doorway, or threshold. In addition, “post” in the KJV is used to tr. a Heb. word for “runner” or “carrier” (Jer 51:31).

Door post.

There are four Heb. words tr. “post” in the KJV.

1. אַ֫יִל, H382, is regularly tr. “post” (Ezek 40, 41); the RSV consistently trs. it “jamb.” It is also tr. “lintel” (KJV, RSV, 1 Kings 6:31).

2. אַמָּה, H567, is found in Isaiah 6:4 where it is tr. “posts” (KJV) and “foundations” (RSV). Cf. Akkad. ’ammatu (A. Salonen, Die Türen des alten Mesopotamien [1961], p. 74, n. 1.)

Carrier of letters.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Used in Job 9:25 and the King James Version The Wisdom of Solomon 5:9 (aggelia, the Revised Version (British and American) "message") of the swift passage of time.

See also HOUSE, II, 1, (4), (7).