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PORCH. The tr. of several Heb. and Gr. words. 1. אוּלָם, H221; var. אֵילָם, H395, (1 Kings 6:3ff.; Ezek 8:16; 40:16ff.). The second form is used consistently by Ezekiel for the porches of the inner and outer gates and the porch of the Temple (Ezek 40:48 KJV), whereas the former is used of Solomon’s Temple. It is a covered area, all or partially open on one side (see Jerusalem Temple). It may reflect the Syrian bît hilani (see Architecture).

2. מִסְדְּרוֹן, H4997, (Judg 3:23 KJV), prob. part of a colonnaded second-story structure forming the summer quarters of Eglon’s palace, perhaps even furnished with a balustrade (cf. Woolley, A Forgotten Kingdom, 113). See House.

3. Πυλω̂ν, gate, gateway; RSVmg., FORECOURT (Mark 14:68), to which Peter retreated when accused by the maidservant. If forecourt (literal) is meant, he was seen first there, then in the gateway.

4. Στόα, standing place (John 5:2 KJV); the covered colonnaded porches at the pool of Bethesda where the lame man was healed by Jesus. RSV PORTICO.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)