Pool of Shelah

<strong>SHELAH, POOL OF</strong> <strong>she’ lə</strong> (<span class="hebrew">בְּרֵכַ֤ת הַשֶּׁ֨לַח</span>, <em>pool of the aqueduct</em>). KJV SILOAH, sĭ lō’ e (<bibleref ref="Neh.3.15">Neh 3:15</bibleref>).<br /><br />

A reservoir in Jerusalem near the <span class="auto-link">[[Fountain Gate]]</span> (<bibleref ref="Neh.3.15">Neh 3:15</bibleref>). It is thought by many to be identical with the <span class="auto-link">[[King's Pool|King’s Pool]]</span> (<bibleref ref="Neh.2.14">2:14</bibleref>) and with the “lower pool” (<bibleref ref="Isa.22.9">Isa 22:9</bibleref>). While some identify it with the Pool of Siloam, it is prob. better to regard it as a separate reservoir in the complex water system of Jerusalem which was fed by the Spring of Gihon.<br /><br />