Plain of the Vineyards

<strong>VINEYARDS, PLAIN OF THE.</strong> So translated in <bibleref ref="Judg.11.33">Judg.11.33</bibleref> KJV, but transliterated “Abel-cheramim” in ASV, “<span class="auto-link">[[Abel Keramim]]</span>” in NIV. A village of the Ammonites east of the Jordan.<br /><br />

<strong>VINEYARDS, PLAIN OF THE</strong> (<span class="hebrew">אָבֵ֣ל כְּרָמִ֔ים</span>, <em>meadow of vineyards</em>). The KJV tr. in <bibleref ref="Judg.11.33">Judges 11:33</bibleref> (ASV ABEL-CHERAMIM; RSV ABEL-KERAMIM). A place E of the Jordan to which Jephthah pursued the Ammonites in his campaign against them.<br /><br />

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