PIRAM (pī'răm, Heb. pir’ām). The Canaanite king of Jarmuth, one of those who joined Adoni-Zedek against Gibeon and who was killed there, either by Joshua or by hailstones (Josh.10.1-Josh.10.11).

PIRAM pī’ rəm (פִּרְאָ֨ם). King of Jarmuth, a city-state SW of Jerusalem. He was one of the five kings who attempted to stop Joshua’s invasion of their territory, but were defeated at Gibeon, captured, and put to death (Josh 10:3-27).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

King of Jarmuth, one of the five Amorite kings who leagued themselves against Joshua’s invasion (Jos 10:3 ).