PINNACLE (pĭn'a-k'l, pĭn'ĭ-k'l, Gr. pterygion). Anything shaped like a wing; a turret, battlement, pointed roof, or peak of a building. The temple pinnacle (Matt.4.5; Luke.4.9 kjv, mof, nasb, rsv; highest point niv) is the spot to which Satan brought Jesus, tempting him to jump off. Many reasons have been advanced for various locations, but none is certain.

PINNACLE (πτερύγιον, G4762). The part of the Temple in Jerusalem to which Satan took Jesus and from which he tempted Him to cast Himself down (Matt 4:5; Luke 4:9). The exact location is unknown. The two places suggested most frequently are a high point on the SE corner, overlooking the valley of the Kidron, or some part of the roof of the Temple.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(pterugion (Mt 4:5; Lu 4:9, the Revised Version margin "wing")) "The pinnacle of the temple" is named as the place to which the devil took Jesus, and there tempted Him to cast Himself down. It is not known what precise elevated spot is meant, whether a part of the roof of the temple itself, or some high point in the adjacent buildings overlooking the deep ravine. It was more probably the latter.