Pillars of the Earth

<strong>EARTH, PILLARS OF THE</strong> (<span class="hebrew">עַמּוּדִ֖ים</span>, <em>pillars</em>, <em>columns</em>). A poetic expression occurring only twice. <bibleref ref="Job.9.6">Job 9:6</bibleref> speaks of the trembling of the earth’s pillars during an earthquake. In <bibleref ref="Ps.75.3">Psalm 75:3</bibleref>, there is also an “adjustment” of the pillars at the dissolving of the earth. Heaven’s pillars “tremble” at the rebuke of God (<bibleref ref="Job.26.11">Job 26:11</bibleref>). Some scholars insist that these references must mean that the Hebrews conceived of a world supported by literal pillars. A more general sense of “rocky foundations” is more probable. They, also, are said to tremble (<bibleref ref="Isa.24.18">Isa 24:18</bibleref>).<br /><br />

<h2>International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)</h2>

See [[Astronomy]], sec. III, 2.<br /><br />