Pillar of Cloud

<strong>CLOUD, PILLAR OF.</strong> A symbol of the presence and guidance of God in the forty-year wilderness journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan (<bibleref ref="Exod.13.21-Exod.13.22">Exod.13.21-Exod.13.22</bibleref>). At night it became fire. When God wanted Israel to rest in any place, the cloud rested on the tabernacle above the mercy seat (<bibleref ref="Exod.29.42-Exod.29.43">Exod.29.42-Exod.29.43</bibleref>) or at the door of the tabernacle (<bibleref ref="Exod.33.9-Exod.33.10">Exod.33.9-Exod.33.10</bibleref>; <bibleref ref="Num.12.5">Num.12.5</bibleref>), or it covered the tabernacle (<bibleref ref="Exod.40.34-Exod.40.38">Exod.40.34-Exod.40.38</bibleref>).<br /><br />

<h2>International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)</h2>

See <em>CLOUD, II</em>, 2; <em>PILLAR OF CLOUD</em>.<br /><br />

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