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c.450-523. Monophysite theologion. Born at Tahal, Persia, he was natively named Xenaya. He studied in Edessa when Ibas* was bishop, rejecting the current Nestorianism* of that school. He went to Antioch, where his ardent championship of the Henoticon led to his expulsion by the patriarch Kalanaion. Peter the Fuller* appointed him bishop of Hierapolis (Mabbug) in 485. One of the most learned Syrian theologians, he was spokesman for Monophysitism* in the Antioch patriarchate, his views approximating to those of Julian of Halicarnassus. His extensive writings include thirteen Discourses on the Christian Life, works on the Incarnation, many letters, and a Syriac version of the NT (508). He was exiled, first to Thrace (c.518), then to Gangra in Paphlagonia where he died violently.