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Philip Nye

1596-1672. Congregational minister and theologian. Born in Sussex and educated at Oxford, where he graduated, he entered the ministry and by 1630 was at St. Michael's, Cornhill, but fled to Holland in 1633 to escape Laud's rigid ecclesiastical policies. Back in England by 1640, he became minister of a Congregational church in Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire. In June 1643 he was appointed to the Westminster Assembly,* there taking a leading part among the “dissenting brethren.” Eventually he worked harmoniously with the Presbyterians and helped shape the Confession of Faith. With Stephen Marshall* in 1643 he established a working agreement between Scots and parliamentary forces, strongly promoting the Solemn League and Covenant.* He was very active in Cromwell's protectorate, was a leader at the Savoy Declaration* of 1658, was deprived at the Restoration, and during his latter years ministered privately among dissenting churches.