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Peter Comestor

c.1100-c.1180. Scholar, exegete, and historian, hence known as “Peter the Eater” (of books). A priest at Notre Dame in Troyes, he was chapter dean there from 1145 to 1167. By 1160 he belonged to the chapter at Notre Dame in Paris; soon he became chancellor of the cathedral school (1164-68 and 1178-80) and teacher of theology (1164-68). Near the end of his life he retired to the abbey of St.-Victor in Paris as a canon regular (1169). With other Victorines he used allegory and etymology in his study of the Scriptures. His writings included 150 sermons; glosses and commentaries on Lombard's Sentences; commentaries on the gospels, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians; and Sententiae de sacramentis. His most influential work was Historia scholastica (1169-73), a Bible history written in the perspective of ecclesiastical and world history. The work earned him the title “master of histories” and was popular for several centuries.