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PESTLE (pĕs”l, Heb. ‘ĕlî, lifted). An instrument either of wood or of stone, rounded at the ends and used to grind material in a mortar (Prov.27.22).

PESTLE (עֱלִ֑י). A rounded hand tool of wood or stone to pound or grind substances in a mortar (Prov 27:22). See Mortar II.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A rounded implement of wood or stone used for pounding, bruising, or powdering materials in a mortar. Used only in Pr 27:22. The assonance of CS:GreekIT+loimosIT-/CS and CS:GreekIT+limosIT-/CS in these passages (CS:GreekIT+loimosIT-/CS is omitted in the Revised Version (British and American) passage for Mt) occurs in several classical passages, e.g. Herodotus vii.171. The pestilence is said to walk in darkness (Ps 91:6) on account of its sudden onset out of obscurity not associated with any apparent cause.

See Mortar.