PELETH (pē'lĕth, Heb. peleth, swiftness)

The father of On, from the tribe of Reuben, who became a part of the conspiracy against Moses and Aaron (Num.16.1).A descendant of Jerahmeel through Onan (1Chr.2.33).

PELETH pe’ lĕth (פֶּ֣לֶת). 1. A Reubenite; the father of On, who joined Korah’s rebellion against Moses and Aaron (Num 16:1).

2. A Jerahmeelite; son of Jonathan (1 Chron 2:33).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(peleth, "swiftness"):

(1) Father of On, one of the rebels against Moses and Aaron (Nu 16:1); probably same as PALLU (which see).

(2) A descendant of Jerahmeel (1Ch 2:33).