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PEDAHZUR (pē-da'zêr, Heb. pedhāhtsûr, the rock). A prince of the tribe of Manasseh, father of Gamaliel whom Moses appointed to aid in numbering the people (Num.1.10; Num.2.20).

PEDAHZUR pĭ dä’ zər (פְּדָהצֽוּר). The father of Gamaliel, who was the head of the tribe of Manasseh at the time of the Exodus (Num 1:10; 2:20; 7:54, 59; 10:23).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned in Nu 1:10; 2:20; 7:54,59; 10:23 as the father of Gamaliel, head of the tribe of Manasseh, at the time of the exodus. See The Expository Times, VIII, 555 ff.