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Paul Wilhelm Schmiedel

1851-1935. NT scholar. Professor of NT exegesis at the University of Zurich from 1893 to 1923, he tended toward a very radical criticism of the NT. He is best known for his famous thesis concerning the nine “pillar- passages” foundational for “a truly scientific life of Jesus” (his words), which was set forth in the lengthy article on the “Gospels” which appeared in the Encyclopedia Biblica in 1901. He also penned the article on “Acts” in the same encyclopedia (1899), in which he took a very poor view of the historicity of Acts. In a study of the fourth gospel (1906; ET 1908) he strongly contrasted John and the synoptics as sources for knowledge of Jesus. His Die Person Jesu im Streit der Meinungen der Gegenwart (1906) was the center of much controversy in his day.