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Paul of Constantinople

d. c.351. Native of Thessalonica who became bishop of Constantinople about 335, he was opposed by the Eusebian party, and on nontheological grounds was exiled shortly afterward. He returned after the death of Constantine (337), but when Constantius settled in Constantinople, an Arian synod met and banished Paul and elected in his place Eusebius of Nicomedia* (338). On Eusebius's death (341), Paul returned once again. The Arians consecrated Macedonius and a mob riot developed between the opposing supporters in which much life was lost, including that of Hermogenes-the master of cavalry-sent by Constantius to deal with the situation. Paul was exiled, but returned probably in 344 and 346, when Constantius was under Western pressure. He was finally exiled about 351, and soon died-possibly strangled, but more probably of natural causes. He was a courageous upholder of orthodoxy against the increasingly heretical tendencies of the East.