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PATROBAS (păt'rō-bas, Gr. Patrobas). A Roman Christian to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom.16.14).

PATROBAS păt’ rə bəs (Πατροβα̂ς, G4259, an abbreviated form of Patrobius). A Christian in Rome, otherwise unknown, to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:14). He had a slave name. The group named with him apparently formed a household church.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The name of a member of the Christian community at Rome to whom Paul sent greetings (Ro 16:14). The name is an abbreviated form of "Patrobius." There was a wealthy freedman of Nero of the same name who was put to death by Galba (Tacitus, History i.49; ii.95). The Patrobas of Paul may have been a dependent of his.