PATHROS (păth'rŏs, Heb. pathrôs). Mentioned twice in the OT—in Ezek.29.14; Ezek.30.14—in connection with the repatriation of Jewish remnants. The KJV also uses the name in Isa.11.11 and Jer.44.1, Jer.44.15 where NIV has “Upper Egypt.” Pathros was Upper Egypt, the Egyptian “Pteres” or “Southland,” extending from south of Memphis to the first cataract. The division corresponds to two ancient kingdoms. There is papyrological evidence for settlements of Jews at Syene at the southern extremity of Pathros as early as 525 b.c. The “Pathrusites” of Gen.10.14 seem to have been the inhabitants of this territory.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The Hebrew form of the Egyptian name for Upper Egypt (Isa 11:11; Jer 44:1,15; Eze 29:14; 30:14).