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Passion of Peter and Paul

PETER AND PAUL, PASSION OF. 1. The second of three related documents about the activities of Peter and Paul in Rome (see below and Acts of Peter and Paul), the Passio sanctorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli under the name of Marcellus is extant in Latin, Greek and Slavonic. On Paul’s arrival in Rome, the Jews seek his help, as a Heb. of the Hebrews, against Peter. Later there is a clash between Jewish and Gentile Christians. Much space is devoted to the apostles’ conflict with Simon Magus, who has the ear of Nero. The complex relationship of these texts is illustrated by the fact that in relating Simon’s death the Lat. VS at one point agrees not with the Gr. of the Passio but with the Acts, although for the preceding paragraph all three are closely related.


Text in Lipsius, Acta apostolorum apocrypha I, i, 118-176; see also ANT, 470; NTAp, II, 575.

2. A short Lat. account of the activity of Peter and Paul in Rome, where they lodge with a believer who is a relative of Pilate, and of their contendings with Simon Magus (see also Acts of Peter and Paul). Comparatively little is said of their martyrdom. According to Lipsius (Acta apostolorum apocrypha) it was not tr. from Gr., but composed in Lat. from Lat. books. Differences from the other documents are, e.g. (a) Simon after his fall from the air does not die on the spot, but retreats to Aricia (cf. the Acts of Peter); (b) the apostles are condemned to death not by Agrippa but by Clement.


Text in Lipsius, Acta apostolorum apocrypha I, i, 223ff.; see also ANT, 471; NTAp, II, 575.