Passion of Paul

<strong>PAUL, PASSION OF</strong>. A Lat. revision of the martyrdom from the <span class="small-caps"><span class="auto-link">[[Acts of Paul]]</span></span> (q.v.), attributed to Linus, Peter’s successor in the see of Rome. The martyrdoms sometimes circulated independently, often in revised and elaborated form. Additions include a passage about Seneca’s admiration for Paul (<em>see</em> [[Letters of Paul and Seneca]]), and the story of Plautilla: on his way to execution, Paul borrowed her kerchief, promising to return it. When the returning soldiers mock her, she tells of a vision, and produces the bloodstained kerchief.<br /><br />


Text in Lipsius, <em>Acta apostolorum apocrypha</em> I. 23ff.<br /><br />